Mortgage Servicing Problems

More than ten years after the start of the subprime mortgage crisis, mortgage servicing problems continue to be widespread.  The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that it receives over 50,000 mortgage-related complaints each year.

Common mortgage servicing problems that we see include:

  • Woman Crying Over Mortgage ProblemsFailing to credit payments
  • Mishandling escrow accounts
  • Failing to properly respond to requests for information
  • Failing to properly investigate and respond to disputes or requests for information from borrowers
  • Failing to process loan modification applications
  • Failing to provide notice that the servicing company has changed
  • Improper force-placed insurance
  • False credit reporting
  • Many more

A number of different overlapping federal and state laws protect consumers who have been wronged by mortgage servicers.  Contact us for a free consultation about your rights.  If a mortgage servicer hasn’t followed the law, we’ll go after them and make them pay.

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