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False information on your credit reports?

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When you’ve got false or outdated information on your credit reports or other consumer reports, it’s hard to know where to turn.  There’s a lot of hype these days on the internet, TV, and elsewhere about credit reports and credit scores.  Lots of companies are happy to take your money, but what are you really getting?

When you need to cut through all the noise, and want to talk to an experienced attorney about what your rights really are and what you can affordably do about them, contact the Goolsby Law Office, LLC, for a free consultation.  We’ll figure out together if a Fair Credit Reporting Act lawsuit is right for you.  If we can’t help you, we’ll try to set you on the right track.

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Not only is your initial consultation free, but even if we take your case, you won’t ever have to come up with money to pay us.  The Goolsby Law Office, LLC, believes that innocent people who have been wronged by false information on their credit reports shouldn’t have to pay for justice.  And Congress agrees:  the credit reporting law says that if the consumer wins a lawsuit, the lawbreakers have to pay not only for the harm they caused but also for the consumer’s attorney’s time.  That means that if we decide to take your case, you don’t have to pay for our work unless there’s a recovery, and you only have to pay us out of the money recovered.

It gets better:  if you have a good case you may stand to get money. What’s the catch?  A good case for false credit reporting has to involve credit reporting that really is false.  You can’t bring a lawsuit based on accurate, recent information that really belongs to you.


Want to get accurate, recent information that really belongs to you off your credit reports?

Sorry, we can’t help with that – and you should beware of credit repair companies that claim they can. They’ll be happy to take your money, but it’s probably a scam.  At the Goolsby Law Office, LLC, we’re willing to fight – but only for the truth.


Have you been ripped off by a credit repair company?

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