The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Despite its name, the Fair Credit Reporting Act doesn’t just apply to credit reports, such as those from Equifax, Experian, or Trans Union. The Fair Credit Reporting Act also applies to:

• Tenant screening reports;

• Employment background reports;

• Medical information bureau reports for purposes such as life insurance applications; and

• Any other type of “consumer report.”

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act:

•  Requires reporting agencies to use reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy whenever they prepare consumer reports, including traditional credit reports, employment background reports, and tenant screening reports;

•  Requires reporting agencies to perform reasonable "reinvestigations" of information disputed by a consumer;

•  Requires companies that furnish information to reporting agencies to perform reasonable investigations of consumer disputes that are forwarded to them by reporting agencies;

•  Requires reporting agencies, after a reinvestigation, to delete information that is determined to be inaccurate or that cannot be verified, and prohibits the reinsertion of that information unless the furnisher certifies its accuracy and the reporting agency notifies the consumer;

•  Generally requires reporting agencies to block information that is the result of identity theft if the consumer/victim gives proper notice;

•  Generally bars from credit reports bankruptcies that are more than ten years old and most other information that is more than seven years old;

•  Bars credit reports from being issues unless there is a permissible purpose; and

•  Allows consumers to get free copies of their credit reports at least once a year.


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