What We Do

The Goolsby Law Office, LLC, helps our clients in Minnesota stand up for their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and related consumer protection laws.  Claims related to unfair consumer reporting are all we do.  The Goolsby Law Office, LLC, offers Minnesotans sound legal advice and vigorous representation in lawsuits against violators of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other credit reporting laws.

We go to bat for:

• Victims of identity theft;
• People whose credit reports have been mixed up with someone else’s;
• Job applicants with false information on their criminal background reports;
• Rental applicants with false information in their rental history reports;
• Borrowers whose paid debts still show as unpaid on their credit reports;
• People who discharged debts in bankruptcy but whose credit reports still show balances owing on those debts;
• Borrowers who have a single debt improperly listed twice or more on their credit reports;
• Anyone else with false or outdated information on their credit reports or other consumer reports; and
• Victims of credit repair scams.

The Goolsby Law Office, LLC, is committed to professional and effective legal advocacy for victims of unfair credit reporting, with sensitivity at every stage to the needs and desires of the client.

We know most people don’t like to bring lawsuits if they don’t have to, so if there’s something you can do short of bringing a lawsuit, we’ll tell you in your free consultation

But sometimes, it takes a lawsuit to get justice.  In the end, our legal system only works to hold lawbreakers accountable if ordinary people are willing to stand up for their rights in court.

As an experienced litigator, attorney John H. Goolsby can aggressively steer your credit reporting case through the courts if that’s what it takes. 

Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice or the creation of an attorney-client relationship.

There is no substitute for an individual consultation with a qualified attorney.

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